How reporting dashboards can flip the financial reporting paradigm

Rather than using tools like modern reporting dashboards, most traditional reporting cycles are riddled with time-consuming inefficiencies. Retrieving essential information can consume as much as 60% of a standard reporting schedule. But with that all-important board meeting on the horizon, there’s no such thing as, “I need a couple more days to get this right!” 

Through process standardization dynamic reporting dashboards can enhance all aspects of the reporting cycle. Our software links directly with your EPM data source and supported by automated data flows that means  that teams have access to the data they need from day one. Integrate non-financial data in our reporting dashboards to ensure clear and actionable insights.  The reporting team can now spend time refining and enhancing the final output.

Curious about how our financial reporting dashboards shift the emphasis from basic, manual tasks to actionable, value-added insight and analysis?

Features designed for agile reporting

Analytics & Insights

Dive deeper into your data

Financial information is just one of the many pillars required to provide truly in-depth analytics and insight. Explore your data by drilling down and uncovering deeper insights to understand what really makes up the figures. Foresee trends by focusing on the data that actually matters, and plan ahead to help your company move forward.


New dashboards with ease and flexibility

CXO-Designer puts Finance teams in full control! It enables the reporting team to create, manage and distribute new reports and dashboards with maximum ease and flexibility. CXO-Designer is a unique new solution that allows Finance to self-manage the entire reporting process and to respond swiftly to new reporting requests.


Guiding end-users to relevant insights

Tell the story behind the numbers with dynamic report packs. Effective financial ‘storytelling’ involves more than simply distributing monthly financial statements with a few accompanying footnotes. It should be about conveying business performance powerfully and interactively by guiding executives directly to the key insights behind the data.


Managed reporting rules

Spreadsheet-based reporting allows for hard-coded and distributed reports that represent multiple versions of the truth and are highly error prone. CubeCalcs gives you the flexibility of Excel-like formulas, with the control of a centrally managed solution. CubeCalcs helps speed up the closing process by automating repetitive, manual calculations and corrections.

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