Gain deeper insights to understand what really makes up the figures

Financial information is just one of the many pillars required to provide true in-depth analytics and insight. In an increasingly competitive environment, companies need more than just accurate financial statements and reports.

But with standard reporting cycles typically taking anywhere between 5 and 15 days, Finance staff face an uphill battle to provide colleagues with real value-added analysis and actionable insights. CXO Software offers unique analytical features that enable the Finance office to become a financially intelligent entity, whose managers demonstrate superior understanding over the business.

Learn how our dashboards provide the insights that help Finance professionals all over the world!

Features designed for deeper insight

Performance Tiles

Dive deeper into your data

Some reporting needs can only be met using performance tiles. Take snapshots of your data, and put them in a single report to gain a broad perspective and an immediate overview of company performance. Or use performance tiles for benchmarking purposes to gain a clear understanding of out-performers and under-performers.

Predictive Analytics

Foresee trends, don’t just react to them

Gain the ability to focus on what actually matters. Make better decisions driven by automated forecast modeling, by merging predictive analytics with traditional data. Foresee trends, focus on the data that actually matters, and make strategic recommendations that help move the business forward.

Drill Down

Getting to the bottom of every variance

Find insights and understand what makes up the figures by drilling down into your financial data. Being able to drill down into the hierarchical structure of your financial data allows you to identify the cause of a variance faster.

Commentary & Narratives

Build a holistic understanding

Presenting financial data and insights alone is not enough; it needs context to really bring the story to life. CXO Software allows users to enhance reports and dashboards with Point of View (PoV) comments. A PoV comment can be added to all levels, views and hierarchies – leaving a valuable audit-trail for reporting narrative.

How predictive analytics takes performance reporting to another level

Predictive analytics is a form of advanced analytics used to make predictions about unknown future events. It generally uses a range of techniques, including data mining, statistics, modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, to analyze current data and make predictions.

In this Webinar, our CTO Wouter Born gives an in-depth demo on the Predictive Analytics feature offered by CXO Software. Take a look, and see how predictive analytics can help your business look forward.

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