Leverage the power of your Oracle HFM with CXO Software

CXO Software’s reporting solution for Oracle HFM (Hyperion Financial Management) is a powerful alternative to Excel spreadsheets and generic BI tools. Optimize your HFM reporting process and gain greater flexibility throughout the reporting process, without neglecting its stability. 

Our reporting software is built specifically to enable and enhance financial reporting processes, and it performs its role in an intuitive and highly intelligent way.

CXO Software addresses key financial capabilities and enables Finance professionals using Oracle HFM to build dynamic, interactive web-based reports. The unique functionality of our solution allows for unmatched commentary and narratives, guided analysis and collaboration. And it all adds up to a fantastic end product for your key stakeholders.

How about some more in-depth information on our unique HFM reporting features?

How CXO Software supports HFM reporting

HFM Connection

Direct connectivity to HFM allows users to visualize the data in a clear and logical format, rather than how it’s stored in the hierarchies of the source system. Our connector for HFM reporting links directly to the source. The connector is pre-built and inherits key meta-data such as definitions and hierchies.

Multi-Source Connectivity

Our software is able to connect to multiple EPM sources. It allows users to combine these EPM sources into a single reporting environment to generate integrated HFM dashboards and reports. This enables you to provide a complete 360 view with in-depth actionable insights that speed-up decision making.

Data Warehouse Adapter

Enrich new and existing HFM reports and dashboards by uploading raw data from Excel sheets to our reporting platform. The Data Warehouse Adpater allows HFM users to use data in any form or shape to add additional analytical detail and to ensure a single authorative up-to-date version of the truth.

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  • John Doe

    Great Product, Fantastic Support.

    The quality of support from CXO is really exceptional. The consultants are all highly knowlegeable and responsive. The product itself is excellent and relatively inexpensive compared to similar products.

    John Doe Company
  • John Doe

    Great Product, Very Easy To Implement. Simple And Effective, Delivers From Day 1

    Great product, very easy to implement. 3 day POC delivered around 80% of final product rolled out to Management. Very good support network, next day support.

    John Doe Company
  • John Doe

    Software Build With The User In Mind Accompanied By Excellent Service

    Very customer success driven vendor. Very helpful and skillful during implementation.

    John Doe Company

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