CXO and Microsoft SSAS: taking the next step in financial reporting

CXO Software leverages the financial intelligence of multidimensional data models by connecting to MS SSAS

Our fully integrated financial reporting solution allows MS SSAS customers to make the most of this groundbreaking EPM platform – providing web-based and mobile-friendly financial dashboards and reports delivered via a single reporting environment. This innovative solution gives end-users direct access to the correct key performance information – anywhere and anytime.

Our Microsoft SSAS solution is built specifically for financial reporting, and it performs its role in an intuitive and highly intelligent way. Direct connectivity allows users to present and visualize the data in a clear, logical format.

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  • John Doe

    Great Product, Fantastic Support.

    The quality of support from CXO is really exceptional. The consultants are all highly knowlegeable and responsive. The product itself is excellent and relatively inexpensive compared to similar products.

    John Doe Company
  • John Doe

    Great Product, Very Easy To Implement. Simple And Effective, Delivers From Day 1

    Great product, very easy to implement. 3 day POC delivered around 80% of final product rolled out to Management. Very good support network, next day support.

    John Doe Company
  • John Doe

    Software Build With The User In Mind Accompanied By Excellent Service

    Very customer success driven vendor. Very helpful and skillful during implementation.

    John Doe Company

How CXO Software supports MS SSAS


Transform your Excel spreadsheet based reporting into a dynamic dashboard based process.


Deliver key financial information via web browser or mobile device in a simple, intuitive way.


Standardize reporting and commentary collection throughout the organization.

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