Oracle Hyperion reporting with CXO Software: pushing the boundaries of financial reporting

As a reporting solution on Oracle Hyperion, CXO Software offers the perfect balance between flexibility and maintenance which is essential for excelling in financial reporting, and for visualizing the data in a way that really makes sense. Start leveraging your EPM financial intelligence today!

CXO Software’s reporting solution for Oracle Hyperion Enterprise gives Finance teams full control and flexibility, allowing them to add value at each stage of the reporting cycle. This innovative solution for Hyperion reporting addresses key financial capabilities and enables end-users to build dynamic, interactive dashboards and reports.

The unique functionality of our software  enables unmatched commentary and narrative, guided analysis and collaboration functionalities.

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How CXO Software supports Hyperion reporting

Hyperion Connector

CXO Software is built specifically to enable and enhance financial reporting. Our HFM connector links directly to the data source enabling teams to access the data they need from day one. Connecting directly to the Hyperion data cube allows users to present and visualize the data in a logical format, rather than how it’s stored in the hierarchies.

Multi-Source Connectivity

Get a complete view of corporate performance by using multi data sources and non-financial KPIs all on the same dashboard. CXO Software allows users to combine multiple EPM sources into a single reporting environment. Any desired data can be represented in our dynamic dashboards alongside your financial reports.

Data Warehouse Adapter

The Data Warehouse Adapter is typically used to upload unmodeled, non-financial data from spreadsheets, such as sales details, product forecasts, HR overviews and HSE reports. Users can then start using the new data source tot build new dashboards and reports to provide a complete enterprise performance overview.

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  • John Doe

    Great Product, Fantastic Support.

    The quality of support from CXO is really exceptional. The consultants are all highly knowlegeable and responsive. The product itself is excellent and relatively inexpensive compared to similar products.

    John Doe Company
  • John Doe

    Great Product, Very Easy To Implement. Simple And Effective, Delivers From Day 1

    Great product, very easy to implement. 3 day POC delivered around 80% of final product rolled out to Management. Very good support network, next day support.

    John Doe Company
  • John Doe

    Software Build With The User In Mind Accompanied By Excellent Service

    Very customer success driven vendor. Very helpful and skillful during implementation.

    John Doe Company

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