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Financial consolidation systems are designed for input, calculation and processing. Not for reporting. The data structures (OLAP Cubes) and hierarchies in EPM systems will never be ideal for financial reporting with generic BI software. Our EPM connectivity is what makes us fundamantally different from traditional BI vendors.

Unlike generic business intelligence tools, CXO Software is built specifically for financial and performance reporting, and it performs its role in an intuitive and highly intelligent way. It’s the reason why we call our software solution ‘financial business intelligence’.

Direct EPM connectivity allows users to visualize the data in EPM systems in a clear and logical format – exactly how a CEO or CFO would look at it, rather than how it’s stored in the hierarchies of the EPM source system.

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Why EPM connectivity matters

How We Connect

Plug and play connectivity

CXO Software connectors link directly to the EPM source and inherit key metadata, such as the hierarchies and definitions. The direct connection ensures an up-to-date single version of the truth. All connectors are pre-built and configurable to your financial reporting needs. And they come packed with best reporting practices and financial intelligence.

Multiple Data Sources

Create high-impact Multi Source reports

With CXO Software, you can combine multiple EPM sources into a single financial reporting environment. This ensures a complete overview and actionable insights. Additionally, the CXO Software strategic performance reports can be enriched with unmodeled, non-financial data through the Data Warehouse Adapter.

Data Warehouse Adapter

Non-standardized data driving change

The Data Warehouse Adapter allows you to upload any kind of spreadsheet data into CXO Software. This new source can then be used to build new reports or enrich existing reports with additional analytical detail. The Data Warehouse Adapter is typically used for unmodeled, non-financial data, such as sales details, product forecasts, HR overviews and HSE reports.


3-step implementation

The unique pre-built content, functionality and intelligence of CXO Software makes implementation quick and easy: a full implementation takes only 15 days on average! This includes installing the software, setting up the performance report, and training users and report builders. Naturally, the implementation time also depends on the specific installation and training requirements of the customer.

CXO Software connects directly to these EPM source systems

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