Experience 10 years of reporting best practices and expertise

Since the launch of the first version of our platform in 2007, we have gathered the Best Practice financial reports of our customers. The result? New CXO Software users have full access to more than 10 years of combined knowledge and experience resulting in more than 20+ reporting templates.

Having our reporting software packed with these reporting templates has allowed the time required for new customer implementations to drop dramatically – to an average of just 15 days.

Want to build your own customized dashboards? Use the free format template to bring the numbers to life. The intuitive report builder lets you drag and drop different reporting components into an empty grid – so you can create, manage and distribute reports yourself.

Want to have a look at our reporting templates and dashboards? Try it for yourself!

Our most used reporting templates

Home Page

Morning cup of coffee overview

Many of our customers use this template as a starting point when opening up CXO Software. It’s purposefully designed to give the end-user an immediate view of company performance – by highlighting the most important KPIs in the middle of the screen, as well as specified news items.

Value Tree

Breakdown of an account or dimension

This template is used when you want a full overview of the build-up of any account or any dimension, typically for non-Finance-team users of the CXO Software. By clicking on an underlined member within the report, you will be automatically redirected to the right report with more detail.


Quick analysis between reference categories

The waterfall or cascade graph is a very popular graph, used to analyze the difference between actual and budget (or any other reference category) or to analyze movements from last year to actual date. By selecting a line, the right top pane shows the trend of that specific member. Alternatively, you can drill down into the member structure. You can filter the value tree through another dimension, and the view automatically zooms to the relevant part.

Multi Column

Dynamic Excel-like reporting

The Multi-Column template is suitable for creating a dashboard with a flexible number of columns and rows. It’s an easy and flexible way to build a report that will look exactly the way you want it to look. It includes rows and columns customizing features, drill-down capability and automatic variance coloring.


Rank anything

This Ranking dashboard gives you a quick overview of the best and worst performers, based on a selected list of accounts defined for your organization. The ranking can be done on absolute values (of Actuals or another Reference Category) or on the better/worse Variance or Variance %. By showing both the top and bottom performers, you instantly see the Entities/Products/Markets etc. that require specific attention.

Multiple Bars & Lines

Track trends and variances

This is the ideal template to show trends for different accounts (and/or members from other dimensions). You can mix line-charts and bar-charts, and you can display up to 6 axis-frames in a single report.

Building Best Practice reports in CXO Software in just 30 minutes.

As the financial and performance reporting experts, we understand exactly what it is you’re looking for. That’s why our reporting software comes packed with reporting templates! In this video, our EPM experts showcase the best practice reports most appreciated by the CFOs and other financial professionals we serve: Financial Statements, Bridge & Waterfall reports and Multiple Bars & Lines reports.

In just 30 minutes, they will build and add commentary to 5 dynamic reports, with data leveraged directly from the source.

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