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We understand the specific challenges, pressures and issues that finance professionals deal with on a daily basis. Therefore, “financial intelligence” is not only reflected in our solution, but also in the services we provide and the experienced team that will help you optimize your performance reporting process.

Resources for our customers


Wide range of consulting and functional customization

The built-in financial intelligence of CXO Software makes it a complete and easy to deploy “out of the box” solution. However, we recognize that every situation and every customer is unique. We offer a wide range of consulting.

CXO Academy

Try CXO Academy on YouTube

CXO Academy is a new online resource providing online video tutorials to help you develop or freshen up your knowledge about CXO Software. On the CXO Academy YouTube Channel you can find short educational video clips on a variety of topics, from general product overviews to detailed explanations of key features.

Aha! Idea Portal

Share your ideas with us

Do you have a new idea to improve CXO Software? Please share them with us by using the Aha! Portal. Users can post their ideas, vote and comment on future enhancement. The portal also allows you to see ideas posted by others and follow the implementation status of your ideas within our product development roadmap.

Customer Advisory Board

Join the LinkedIn customer community

Built by and for financial professionals, our Customer Advisory Board (CAB) plays a key role in our customer-driven product development strategy; ensuring we stay close to our customers evolving needs and challenges to deliver high value, finance-driven functionality. Besides our yearly CAB meetings, members of the CAB community can interact and share experiences on our CAB LinkedIn group.

Available trainings

Admin Training

Audience: New Administrators
Duration: 2 days
Price: €1390 per person

Learning Objectives and Description:

Gain full understanding of how to manage your CXO Software applications. In this workshop, you will learn the ins and outs of maintaining your application via the CXO-Designer. Hands-on exercises will teach you how to create reports, maintain security, and master more advanced uses of CXO Software.

Workshop topics include:

  • Main tools and basic concepts
  • Architecture CXO Software
  • Storyboards and Narratives
  • Security
  • Standard reports
  • Free Format reports
  • Multi Source reports
  • Maintain Lists, Variables, Formats, etc.
  • Cube Calculations
  • CXO Software viewer
  • Hands-on exercises
DWA Training

Audience: Users of the data warehouse adapter who need to create multi source reports

Duration: 1 day

Price: €695 per person

Learning Objectives and Description:

Learn how to add data to your CXO Software application with the Data Warehouse Adapter (DWA). This workshops explains how the DWA works and gives you the skills to set up a model for manual input. You will learn how to set up metadata, load data and how to combine this inputted data with the data from other sources.

Workshop topics include:

  • Architecture of DWA
  • Setting up metadata
  • Creating input reports
  • Security in the DWA
  • Multi-Source reports
MDX Training

Audience: Professionals who aim to build more advanced calculations and dynamic lists

Duration: 1 day

Price: €695 per person

Learning Objectives and Description:

Get maximum reporting flexibility while guaranteeing full governance by harnessing the power of MDX with CXO Software CubeCalculations™ and CXO Software MDX lists. In this workshop you will learn all about setting up MDX queries (row, column & where statement) and concepts (member, set, tuple & tuple set).

Workshop topics include:

  • Basic MDX Query – rows, columns & where statement
  • Basic MDX Concepts: member, set, tuple & tuple set
  • CXO Software Cube Calculation – structure & context
  • Basic calculations
  • Using MDX functions
  • CXO Software MDX lists
  • Basic MDX lists
  • Using set and tuple set expressions
  • MDX troubleshooting
  • Examples of powerful cube calculations and MDX lists
Report Creation Training

Audience: New Report Creators

Duration: 2 days

Price: €1390 per person

Learning Objectives and Description:

This workshop is aimed for users whose role includes report creation. It provides all the necessary knowledge to create reports, maintain lists, formats, etc.

Workshop topics include:

  • Main tools and basic concepts
  • Difference Report Admin versus Report Builder
  • Standard Reports
  • Free Format Reports
  • Maintain Lists, Variables, Formats, etc.
  • Multi Source
  • Hands on exercises

Additional services

CXO Inspiration session

If you want to inspire your team, showing the benefits of CXO, we can organize a CXO Inspiration session for you. During this 1.5-hour (remote or on-site) session our Customer Engagement Manager will show you the highlights and the latest version of CXO, including best practices coming from a wide variety of companies.

Improve visualisations

CXO offers you a wide variety of visualisations. With this service our Principal Consultants will inspire you with best practices and support you in developing dashboards, based on your own implementation. This service includes a workshop, training and co-development of new dashboards.

CXO user adoption

CXO User Adoption services deliver everything you need so your end-users really understand and make use of CXO. Our services are designed to help you to develop a successful user adoption strategy, consistent communication messages and implement an effective training and support program.

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