Summer Masterclass Webinar Series


August Webinar Series: Mastering Financial Intelligence & Analytics

For the past ten years we’ve worked with enterprise organizations around the globe to deliver the capacity, and tools, necessary to achieve optimum financial intelligence and world-class reporting capabilities.  Needless to say, we’ve seen a lot over the last decade.  The landscape of financial data sources and systems continues to expand and evolve, and so does the inherent complexities.  The result—a growing gap between financial data and the ability to analyze, visualize, and report on the data easily and efficiently.  A multimillion dollar EPM system with all the bells and whistles, but a financial reporting process that relies heavily on manual and time-consuming Excel-based reports.  Sound familiar?

We’re here to help.  During the month of August we are providing a four-part webinar series in which we combine a decade of knowledge and experience into four key topics that will help any organization better master financial data and analytics.  We are thankful to have a number of expert guests and hosts ready to impart their wisdom to help you and your company better analyze, visualize, and report on financial data, and ultimately maximize your capacity to enhance financial business intelligence.

Why Many Reporting Projects For Finance Fail to Deliver

Recording Available Soon!

Many projects to implement financial reporting tools fall short, if not fail completely.  A common cause is the software’s inability to properly report on OLAP cubes and work with multidimensional data.  The result becomes frustrated end users continuing to rely on Excel based reporting that is painstakingly manual and error prone.  You’ve spent time and money building your cubes—why sacrifice performance in reporting with a tool that will flatten the data?  This webinar provides insight into how to unleash the maximum potential for reporting on multidimensional that is intuitive and easy for all end users.

Choosing the Best Tools for Financial Reporting, Dashboarding, and Data Visualization—A Inside Look at One Enterprise’s Journey to Compare Popular Tools.

Thursday, August 16th

Financial Systems Manager of M&G Investments presents their search for an EPM reporting tool and details their findings after comparing several popular options.  This webinar will provide a significant head start for anyone currently in the market or interested in better understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the various reporting tools available.

Financial Reporting that Matters: The Marriage of IT & Finance

Thursday, August 23rd

Despite continuous advancements in ERP and EPM/CPM solutions functionality, creating and managing financial reporting is still challenging at best for companies of all sizes. Most companies continue to generate reports that fail to deliver financial intelligence. Is your financial reporting process riddled with manual workflow, disparate systems, sources of data, and collaboration barriers?

Join us to discover how leading companies are aligning IT and Finance to leverage leading technology to efficiently create a monthly reporting package through a real-time, collaborative process, that empowers Finance to communicate the story the behind the numbers. Our featured guests from The Hackett Group and CXO Software will examine the financial justifications for implementing good EPM reporting software, and how to achieve world class reporting while still being consciences of TCO.

Head in the Clouds: The Best Reporting and Financial BI Platform CAN Connect to Your Cloud Data Source

Thursday, August 30th  

Whether you like it, love it, or hate it…it’s all migrating to the cloud sooner or later.  You’ve likely either migrated financial data to the cloud; have a cocktail of on-prem and cloud data; a roadmap for moving to the cloud, or at least have it in the back of your mind that the cloud will be knocking soon.  For those that have migrated, or migrated parts of financial data, you may have noticed that reporting capabilities are limited, and to achieve your desired results may require a significant amount of work on the back end.  This webinar will show how you can achieve world-class financial reporting, dashboarding, and data visualization from cloud sources or a mixture of cloud/on-prem sources without overworking your IT colleagues.

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