CXO Software for ERP: Quickly and Securely Create Financial Performance Insights from ERP Data


CXO Software for ERP:  Quickly and Securely Create Financial Performance Insights from ERP Data

For the vast majority, ERP finance data is managed in Excel reports that are static, error prone, and offer few capabilities for good performance analytics. The primary reason for dependence on these types of reports is the lack of non-Excel based tools that are capable of reporting ERP data in a financially intelligent way.

On October 4th at 11:00 am EST we will host an exclusive 30 minute webinar  to present you our CXO Software for ERP platform!

Enter CXO Software for ERP: a true digital reporting platform for finance data in ERP systems.  Traditionally, CXO Software has been utilized by large, enterprise finance teams for high-level financial reporting, dashboarding, and storytelling. Now, CXO is enabling small and mid-enterprise ERP customers to easily and quickly transform their static Excel reports into dynamic performance playbooks.

What you’ll learn about CXO Software for ERP:  A turn-key reporting tool that combines all aspects of financial performance reporting and dashboarding in a single, self-service platform.

Join the Webinar 

This webinar will demonstrate the ease in which customers can implement a true performance reporting and dashboarding platform for their ERP system. With features such as:

  • Dashboard reporting and data visualization
  • Dynamic analysis and drillable functionality
  • Storytelling
  • Collaboration, commentary, and narratives
  • Automation of monthly reporting packs
  • Seamless exporting and distribution to Excel, PDF, and PPT
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Fast implementation typically completed in a matter of days.
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