AGORA 2018


AGORA 2018

The time is nearly upon us and we are very much looking forward to this years edition of AGORA.

On the 24th and 25th of September 2018 we will be in Amsterdam to say a huge thanks to you, our customers. With a plethora of customer cases, workshops and guest speakers on the bill this is shaping up to be the best AGORA yet.

Don’t miss it!

AGORA 2018 Presenters

  • Nick Desbarats
    Nick Desbarats

    Data Visualization Educator & Consultant

    Our 2018 Keynote Speaker: Nick Desbarats!

    For over 20 years, Nick Desbarats has been designing information displays that enable senior decision-makers to make better, more data-driven decisions based on potentially large amounts of data, and to do so in less time and with less effort. He has extensive knowledge of data visualization, dashboard design, cognition and cognitive biases, perception, memory and learning, software design and development, and product management.

    As an independent data visualization educator and consultant, Nick has taught data visualization and information dashboard design to over 1,000 professionals in ten countries at organizations such as NASA, Bloomberg, The Central Bank of Tanzania, Northwestern Mutual, The United Nations, Marathon Oil and Teradata, among others. In 2014, Nick became the first and only educator to be authorized by Stephen Few to deliver his foundational data visualization and dashboard design workshops

    • Paul Hughes
      Paul Hughes

      Authority on Growth

      Our 2018 Keynote Speaker: Paul Hughes!

      Paul Hughes is a recognised authority and keynote speaker on Growth. Coming from a long tradition of Irish storytellers, he uses humour, clear articulation, and ‘professional warmth’ to connect with audiences in over 40 countries.

      With 25 years experience, he as been voted ‘Best Speaker’ numerous times for his unique speaking style. Paul is known as ‘the expert’s expert’ because his knowledge is not that of one CEO, VP, or Founder of a single company but rather his knowledge is collected from 1000’s of companies. He has interviewed successful people from every field to extract their model of success, including Al Pacino.

      Ten Meters of Thinking

      Ten Meters of Thinking is a visual storytelling method developed by Paul Hughes to prepare organizations and individuals for transformation. Through his Ten Meters of Thinking, a unique visual-verbal performance, he explores leadership, innovation and communication in order to stimulate individual and organizational development.

      • Andrea Rigamonti
        Andrea Rigamonti

        Group Financial Controller

        Senior PLC

        • Justine Honour
          Justine Honour

          Group System Accountant

          Senior PLC

          • Niels Meijer
            Niels Meijer

            Information Manager

            Randstad Holding

            • Paul Bakker
              Paul Bakker

              Manager Reporting & Systems

              Randstad Holding

              • Riccardo Giovannini
                Riccardo Giovannini

                Digital Controller & Business Analyst

                Randstad Holding

                • Harald Matzke
                  Harald Matzke



                  • Claudia Blümle
                    Claudia Blümle

                    Business Development


                    • Christian Föst
                      Christian Föst

                      Senior Corporate Controller
                      Symrise AG

                      • Markus Kohlenberg
                        Markus Kohlenberg

                        Senior Corporate Controller
                        Symrise AG

                        • Amanda Ellis
                          Amanda Ellis

                          Vice President, Corporate Controller

                          Sunrise Medical

                          • Nick Aston
                            Nick Aston

                            Director of Financial Reporting

                            Sunrise Medical

                            • Ronald Wissink
                              Ronald Wissink


                              CXO Software

                              • Wouter Born
                                Wouter Born

                                CTO & CEO USA Inc.

                                CXO Software

                                • Alexandra Verlaan
                                  Alexandra Verlaan

                                  Customer Engagement Manager

                                  CXO Software

                                  • Martijn Rademaker
                                    Martijn Rademaker


                                    CXO Software

                                    AGORA – 24th and 25th of September

                                    Don’t miss it!


                                    Amsterdam EYE

                                    IJpromenade 1, 1031 KT Amsterdam

                                    Agora 2017


                                    24th September

                                    Double tree by Hilton – Amsterdam Central Station

                                    12:00 – 12:45    Lunch

                                    12:45 – 13:00    Introduction

                                    13:00 – 15:00   1st part Training –  6.4 or Multisource

                                    15:00 – 15:15     Coffee break

                                    15:15 – 17:00     2nd Part Training –  6.4 or Multisource

                                    17:00                  Close

                                    6.4 Training – Get the most out of CXO with version 6.4!

                                    During this training session our consultants will show the best practices within CXO. Additionally we will show you the new functionality of version 6.4!

                                    Multi Source Training – Better decision making with multi-source reports

                                    CXO offers a financial performance reporting platform specifically designed for the CFO office by connecting data from multiple EPM and supporting data sources into one comprehensive reporting platform. Better decision making: Multi-source data connectivity facilitates more frequent reporting (daily or weekly instead of monthly) and performance updates. During this training session we will show you how to combine multiple data sources (financial and non-financial data) and create best practice multi-source CXO Reports.

                                    25th September - Morning

                                    EYE Film Museum

                                    09:00 – 9:15    Opening

                                    09:15 – 10:00  Vision of the future

                                    10:05 – 10:50  Nick Desbarats

                                    10:50 – 11:10   Break

                                    11:10 – 12:55   Senior PLC

                                    11:55-13:15    Lunch + EYE Tour

                                    25th September - Afternoon

                                    EYE Film Museum

                                    13:15 – 14:00   Break-Out:  Symrise –  Cubus – Customer Success

                                    14:00 – 14:20   Coffee Break

                                    14:20 – 15:05   Break-Out:  Randstad  – CXO vs BI – Non Financial Data

                                    15:05 – 15:25   Coffee Break

                                    15:25 – 16:10   Break-Out: Sunrise – Cubus

                                    16:10 – 17:00   Paul Hughes

                                    17:00                Close

                                    25th September - Dinner


                                    17:00 – 18:30 Boat Transport

                                    18:00 – 19:00 Reception

                                    19:00               Dinner

                                    AGORA – 24th and 25th of September

                                    Don’t miss it!

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