CXO Software and OneStream Software Introduce an Integrated Financial Reporting Solution to the XF MarketPlace

Sept. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/
— CXO Software and Corporate Performance Management solutions provider, OneStream Software, announced that they have teamed up to provide their growing community with a reporting solution that meets the financial reporting standards with rich financial analytics and intelligent dashboards. CXO Software will be the first MarketPlace partner to offer a financial reporting solution in the XF MarketPlace.

According to Wouter Born, CTO at CXO Software, the two products integrate so well that it feels like they are made for each other. Born said, “The OneStream Extendable Framework allows us to develop a true native connection that allows users to get the most out of their OneStream investment while at the same time integrate data near real-time into the CXO Software Performance reporting solution. For C-level executives around the world, having this kind of critical financial information available anywhere, anytime is becoming a must-have.”

Perfect example of value

Tom Shea, CEO of OneStream, is also pleased with the expansion of the MarketPlace solutions: “The development of the CXO Software reporting solution validates the concept that partners can leverage the power of the OneStream XF platform to provide domain-specific solutions that are feature-rich and can be brought to market faster without adding complexity. The ability to deliver new solutions and features by simply downloading them will allow OneStream customers to continuously extract value from their investment in OneStream XF long after the initial purchase.”

CXO Software believes in the agility of the OneStream Extensible Framework and its capabilities to serve the larger enterprises with an integrated Financial & Planning Consolidation solution. Born adds to that, “With this new adapter, we will be able to serve the quickly-growing OneStream community with financial intelligence solutions and empower collaboration within finance teams with structured narratives that will lift financial storytelling to a whole new level.”

Integration adapter

The CXO Software integration has been developed in collaboration with the OneStream team and the technology has been certified by them. For CXO Software customers, the integration adapter is available immediately. In the near future, the adapter will become available to customers through the  XF MarketPlace.

About OneStream Software LLC

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