CXO Software appears in ‘Market Guide for Traditional Enterprise Reporting Platforms’ by Gartner

In the recently released ‘Market Guide for Traditional Enterprise Reporting Platforms’ Gartner names CXO Cockpit as a representative vendor. In the report Gartner recognizes that despite the speed and agility offered by modern BI platforms, continued investments in BI
platforms are being relegated to compliance and regulatory reporting as opposed to financial reporting.

“We are proud and grateful to be included in the Gartner ‘Market Guide for Traditional Enterprise Reporting Platforms,” responded Wouter Born CEO USA & CTO at CXO-Cockpit. “Many thanks to our customers consistently providing leading scores in Gartner’s Peer Reviews. We’ll continue to bring our pre-built financially intelligent connectors, fully integrated commentary and narrative, and strong reporting process governance to help finance organizations overcome the limits of generic BI and Excel-based reporting processes.”

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Wouter Born, CEO USA

Adding intelligence capabilities
Traditional enterprise-reporting-based platforms are used by data and analytics leaders to build large-scale, “system-of-record” reporting systems. According to the Market Guide many of the traditional platform vendors have started adding analytics capabilities. Gartner expects the remaining parties will be marginalized by these more modern platforms.

Taking away traditional barriers
According to Born, “CXO Cockpit is also in the process of making the shift. In the upcoming 6.3 release of CXO-Cockpit we’re introducing our initial foray into Predictive Analytics. This capability enhances our existing analytics features bringing CXO-Cockpit to the next level. It is our intention to continue to stay ahead of the pack by providing performance enhancing analytics to our already exceptional Dashboard and Reporting package.”

Crafting a BI strategy
The Gartner report points out that data and analytics leaders must carefully craft a strategy for modernizing their overall Reporting platforms. They must take into consideration the trade-offs between the risks and benefits of migrating existing traditional reports and content to a BI platform not designed to support multi-dimensional data or integrating more analytics into a package that already excels in the visualization of multi-dimensional data! The choice seems clear to existing CXO customers as well as those considering CXO over free EPM provider’s packages and today’s BI tools.

For more information on how CXO-Cockpit integrates multi-dimensional data from multiple sources as well as aggregated relational data producing a fully drillable interactive dashboard take a free test drive!



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