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Take control of your reports with our Finance-owned reporting tool. Using a de-centralized process to create and distribute reports can be risky. Also, manual processes in the close cycle can lead to errors, delays and incorrect data being reported.

Once able to create, manage and distribute reports themselves on the right platform, as a reporting manager you can guarantee an optimal time to insight with an agile reporting process. This allows you to spend more time on creating insightful reports and dashboards.

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How CXO Software keeps you in control

Centrally managed by Finance

Replace manual Excel-based data manipulation and hard-coded formulas with centrally managed reporting rules.

Ensure one version of the truth

Ensure all stakeholders are looking at the same data – by replacing manual data exports with live EPM connectivity.

Real agility throughout the process

With our templates, a fully functional and dynamic dashboard can be live and published within minutes.

Tools designed for your needs

Reporting Dashboards

Powerful visualizations to tell a story

Lead viewers to insights with ease! Free yourself from static Excel spreadsheets and discover a wealth of new insights with our powerful dashboards and other data visualizations. Built with Finance in mind, our dashboards facilitate the decision-making process and make spotting variances and patterns effortlessly simple.


Out-of-the-box intelligence

Creating reports should take minutes, not hours. CXO Software is a truly Finance-owned reporting solution. Since the launch of our platform in 2007, the Best Practice financial reports of CXO Software customers have been gathered and now now come pre-packaged with every new installation.

EPM Connectivity

Direct to the source

Confident decisions are made based on a trusted data source. Our unique, pre-built and configurable adapters engage directly with all leading EPM systems to transport the original structures and hierarchies of the data into our reporting platform. Unlike generic business intelligence tools, we understand everything about financial data and how it’s stored in OLAP databases, making the connection the least of your concerns.

Multi Source

Get the full picture

Provide a true vision of corporate performance by including multiple EPM sources, or even non-financial data, all within the same dashboard. With our Data Warehouse Adapter, there is absolutely no limit. Achieve the same flexibility as with any other data type, and make it financially relevant.

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