Financial Controller – Be more efficient with financial reporting

As a financial controller you want to move beyond simply generating the numbers. Enable real financial storytelling by speeding up the reporting process and guiding end-users to key insights.

The role of a financial controller is about more than just closing the books. You need time to deliver true value-added analysis, preferably with a reporting tool that really understands financial data.

CXO Software provides a robust reporting platform that gets the fundamentals right with ease, giving you more time for analysis and for providing key inisghts.

Learn what unique features make our software the #1 in financial and performance reporting!

See things from another perspective

How CXO Software helps you add value

Faster month-end close process

A direct connection and automated report building and distribution – meaning fewer manual, repetitive tasks.

More time for in-depth analysis

Our software helps you to shift the balance toward analysis rather than reporting, to tell the real story behind the numbers.

Become a business partner and integrator

Focus on creating value and supporting decision-making, with true, comprehensive financial insight.

Features designed for the Financial Controller

Analytics & Insights

Dive deeper into your data

Financial information is just one of the many pillars required to provide true in-depth analysis and insight. Explore your data by drilling down and finding deeper insights to understand what really makes up the figures. Foresee trends by focusing on the data that actually matters, and plan ahead to help your company move forward.

Commentary & Narrative

Communicate the story behind the numbers

Traditional integration of narrative into reporting processes is manual, ad hoc, and highly error prone. CXO Software enables you to streamline internal and external reporting processes. Communicate effectively, and combine quantitative data with value-added narrative in a single, secure, collaborative environment.


Guide users to the most relevant insight

Effective financial ‘storytelling’ involves more than simply distributing monthly financial statements with a few accompanying footnotes. It should be about conveying business performance powerfully and interactively. Tell the story behind the numbers with dynamic report packs that guide executives directly to the key insights behind the data.


Automate repetitive calculations

Spreadsheet-based reporting typically means hard-coded and distributed reports that represent multiple versions of the truth and are highly error prone. Our CubeCalcs offer the flexibility of Excel-like formulas with the control of a centrally managed solution – speeding up the closing process by automating repetitive calculations and corrections.

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