6.4 Release – Community-driven reporting 

Back in 2007 CXO Software was founded with a clear vision in mind: to create a community-driven financial and performance reporting solution.

Now, with the release of 6.4, we present CXO Catalog and we are taking it to the next stage. This new feature of our software allows our users to directly share their best practice dashboard innovations with other organization. It’s our dream come true.

Ultimately, at CXO Software, we see ourselves as an enabler for the global Finance community. There is an unlimited supply of experience and best practice out there that other users could potentially be tapping into. We want to help foster knowledge-sharing and cross-pollination across the profession; CXO Catalog is the platform to make this happen.

But there is more to 6.4 than the Catalog, so get up to speed and check out the release notes!

CXO Catalog 

CXO Catalog enables users to directly share their best practice dashboard innovations with other organization. If a customer has a particularly successful template, they are able to submit it to the CXO Software team, who will then anonymize the data and upload it to the website.

Other customers and partners can access the dashboard in a secure login area on the CXO site, where they are able to download it and review it – by leaving comments and giving it a ranking out of five. Using CXO Designer, they can even configure the basic template, adjusting the layout to their specific business needs.

How CXO Catalog Works Step-by-Step

This is a quick and simple step-by-step instructional video on how to import and configure a report from CXO Catalog into your CXO environment.

For a more indepth explanation please refer to our 6.4 Release Recording.

Features designed for your needs

Catalog Wizard

Simple and Easy Catalog Import

We created a import wizard to automate tasks and assist you through the importation process. All you have to do is follow the simple configuration steps in the wizard and the report is ready for use.

Image Control

Navigate to Function for Image Control

In version 6.4 we introduce image redirects. Simply click on an image and you are redirected to another report or URL,  making navigation easier and faster.

Donut Charts

More Flexibility With Donut Charts

We extended that functionality of the Pie chart, now you can create a Donut chart with the option to display the number and tittle in the middle of your chart.

Chart Variences

Communicate the story behind the numbers

We missed the option to show variances within Bars and Lines charts, so now positive and negative variances are colors coded and now be displayed as bars or as fill areas.

Ranking Lists

Create Rankings with MDX Lists

In CXO you can now create rankings with MDX lists, we made it easy for all report builders to be able to make rankings even if they don’t know how to write MDX scripts.

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