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At CXO Software we want you to perform at your best in today’s competitive and fast-changing environment by using the world’s finest reporting software and financial business intelligence dashboards!

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Strategic financial & performance reporting

As the financial and performance reporting experts, we understand exactly what it is you’re looking for. We deliver relevant financial and performance dashboards that provide actionable C-level insights.

Premium out-of-the-box dashboards and insights

Our software comes with 20+ out-of-the box Best Practice financial reporting templates. Or you can simply use the custom free format template. Just drag and drop different reporting components into an empty grid and become a reporting hero!

Fast implementation and shortest time to insight

Due to the unique way CXO Software connects to EPM source systems, we’ll have you up and running in a matter of weeks. All connectors are pre-built and come pre-packaged with best reporting practices and financial intelligence.

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Features designed for your needs

Reporting Dashboards

Actionable insights, anywhere, anytime

Today’s CFO is expected to be a go-to business partner for the entire organization – providing strategic insight, quicker, more accurately and more efficiently, anywhere and anytime. Our financial and performance dashboards offer these in-depth actionable insights, adding to the existing financial business intelligence of the Finance function.

Analytics & Insights

Dive deeper into your data

Financial information is just one of the many pillars required to provide truly in-depth analytics and insight. Explore your data by drilling down and uncovering deeper insights to understand what makes up the figures. Or foresee trends, focus on the data that actually matters, and plan ahead to help your company move forward.

Commentary & Narrative

Communicate the story behind the numbers

Traditional integration of narrative into reporting processes is manual, ad hoc, and highly error prone. CXO Software enables managers to streamline internal and external reporting processes – combining quantitative data with value-added narrative in a single, secure, collaborative environment.


Enable powerful financial storytelling

Effective financial ‘storytelling’ involves more than simply distributing monthly financial statements with a few accompanying footnotes. It should be about conveying business performance powerfully and interactively – guiding executives directly toward the key insights behind the data.


Adaptable best practice templates

Our reporting software is a truly ‘Finance-owned’ financial reporting solution. Since the launch of our platform in 2007, the Best Practice financial reports of CXO Software customers have been collected, and now come pre-packaged with every new installation.

EPM Connectivity

Connecting directly to the source

The CXO Software reporting platform is designed for the data structures (OLAP Cubes) and hierarchies in EPM systems. Our unique, pre-built and configurable adapters engage directly with all leading EPM systems – and they come packed with best reporting practices and financial intelligence.

Why the world’s leading enterprises love CXO Software!

“The successful implementation of CXO Software at Randstad is the result of close cooperation between IT, business Control and Accounting. A major step is taken towards digitalization of financial reporting including easy access everywhere.”

Rob Fenne – Managing Director Group Accounting

Randstad Holding

“Immediately after the proof of concept it became clear that we were getting something greater than the ability to produce static, good looking dashboards… This is a tool that allows users to consume data more rapidly and intuitively than anything we’ve had in the past.”

Hyperion System Manager at Shire

“We have been using CXO Software since 2011. Their reporting software allowed us to extend our financial reporting worldwide, in a very cost-efficient manner. The intuitive interface allowed a quick learning curve and wide user acceptance.”

Manager Accounting and Finance at PRAHS

Learn how world-class enterprises benefit from
our financial business intelligence software.

The CXO Software philosophy for world-class financial and performance reporting!

At CXO Software, our mission is to make Finance more business intelligent, and to enable the Finance function to become a strategic business partner for the entire organization.

With our unique financial and performance reporting software, we help Finance teams all over the world to make the transition from a report-generating cost center, to a value-added provider of strategic insight that speeds up C-level decision making.

Our reporting software is an alternative to outdated and error-prone Excel-driven processes and the low ‘financial intelligence’ of generic business intelligence tools.

Ronald Wissink

Chief Executive Officer

Learn how we became the experts in financial and performance reporting.

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